How To Market Your Business (Top Five)

//How To Market Your Business (Top Five)

How To Market Your Business (Top Five)

Executive’s Guide to Launching an Inbound Marketing Strategy

The future of sales and marketing is digital.

Using an inbound marketing strategy you can improve the efficiency of your sales and marketing teams, taking away the need for poorly-targeted outbound sales. We  (honolulu-marketing-agency)  provide a one-stop solution for your business to develop an inbound marketing strategy.

Inbound Marketing Strategies Your Startup Needs to Start Using Today

Are you ready to skyrocket the success of your startup?        If so, you need to focus your efforts on inbound marketing. Instead of broadcasting to the customer, as traditional outbound marketing does, inbound marketing focuses on creating reasons for the customer to come to you.

According to HubSpot, which coined the term “inbound marketing” back in 2006, the strategy consists of four stages.

First, you work to attract a visitor by using compelling content and appearing in search engine results.

Next, you convert that visitor to a lead. Then you close the deal and create a customer.

Finally, you delight that customer with stellar content.

It’s a proven system that works for the best companies in the world, and it has launched dozens of startups to stellar success.

you’ll learn the 22 inbound marketing strategies from Marketing Services Honolulu

 The 5 Elements of a Strong Inbound Marketing Strategy

Here are the 5 elements of a strong inbound marketing strategy, which you should be using!

#1: SEO (search engine optimization

SEO is a hard-to-control, waste-of-time tactic, right? Wrong: SEO is the process of optimizing your website’s content and structure for search in order to receive organic placements on the search engine results pages .there’s a plethora of free resources online so I’d recommend hopping over to our honolulu-marketing-agency to get started.

#2: PPC

You might be thinking, wait – PPC is a paid tactic and isn’t paid strategies against the inbound methodology? Wrong! Paid search is technically still part of the inbound marketing family since search ads appear when a user is actively searching for something, therefore PPC ads are not interrupting another activity. Not all aspects of PPC will quality as inbound (like display ads), but ads on the search network are certainly one of the strongest elements of a strong inbound strategy because search queries show so much intent. you should be doing both SEO and PPC to get the highest volume and quality of leads.

#3: Content Marketing

The key to content marketing is that your content needs to stand out. Your content must be remarkable enough to break through the clutter. Your content must educate, inspire or entertain your audience.

1.Create a blog

2.Create guides, e-books, and other downloadable content

3.Gather customer testimonials and create case studies:

4.Create a content calendar:


#4: Social Media

Nowadays, anyone who is on social media, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Vine, Instagram, or Periscope; your audience is likely on multiple of these channels. Determining which platforms are most relevant to your buyer personas in a task in itself, but I can guarantee that several of your leads are spending a significant chunk of their time-consuming content through their personal social channels.

Spend time creating a social media promotion plan to distribute your content to the right people, analyzing your top performing content, and paying to promote and gain even more traffic to the content that’s resonating with your audience.

honolulu-marketing-agency Is good in social media marketing.

#5: Landing Pages

Landing pages are mission-critical to your marketing strategy. You can drive all the traffic in the world, but if you’re failing to make that momentary connection, you’re throwing your branding dollars out the window.

  • Do your high bounce rates bring you to tears?
  • Do you feel like you’re flushing your web traffic down the toilet?
  • Do your A/B tests feel like you’re running in a hamster wheel?
  • Do your leads feel like leprechauns — mythical creatures who perpetually run and hide from your engagement tactics?


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